Particular Moments

More Stars than There are

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Necessary Vacancies

who are you, when it is all seemingly a void? do you confront or give in to the self that only emerges in emptiness? or do you become consumed by it, losing the sight of self entirely, for there has never been a definitive you in moments like this? 

Silent Saviors

even in much direction-less times, there are those who come to aid with their calming whispers



                                            nothing so certain as rain

shrouded: part 2

light's guidance in dense fog

                                        light’s guidance in dense fog


softer, lesser known sound of The Raveonettes

Late Night Earl Grey

peace in private servings

                                                peace in private servings

Crossroad & Evening Rain

STOP grossly exaggerated by rain-soaked asphalt.

STOP grossly exaggerated by rain-soaked pavements.

Trifles Aside

Particular clippings

Particular clippings

Now & later

Now & later

Shall sit properly

Shall sit properly