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Just Punk Things

“I am an architect!
they call me a butcher;
I am a pioneer!
they call me primitive;
I am purity!
they call me perverted…”


Down to the Waterhole

“Don’t die

You’re just a baby,

Yeah you are way

Too young;


You haven’t Lived

Til you’ve been

To the Grand Canyon.”


——-The Wind and The Wave.

Man On The Corner

“Like a monkey on your back

You need it

But do you love it enough 

To leave it” 

Feel Less

“You are trying not

To look so Young

And Miserable.”

Never White

“Black is the truth

Of my situation,

And for those 

Of my station

In life.

All other colors lie. ” 

—Suzanne Vega.

Bastards of Young

“The ones 

Who love us 



Are the ones

We’ll lay 

To rest,


And visit

Their graves 

On holidays

At best.


The ones 

Who love us



Are the ones

We’ll die

To please.” 


Is Love so serious,

The more we think,

The less we know?


Is Love mysterious—

Holding tight

When we should let go.