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More Stars than There are

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When In Doubt

Stop and think in Noir.

                                              Stop and think in Noir.

A Not Unfaithful Stray

Oh Love,

My summer muse

And blooming desire,

How I have longed

For you,

And placed my

Naked heart


This simmering Sun—

So much so,

That the ruthless

Heat has wrought it



And Hard.

The Pleading


To death

Of my nonchalant



Of concealing

What hurts

With a shrug,


Saying “there’s more where I come from,”

Shoving the shouts

And tears

Into back pockets

Until they are bulging

At the seams.


Emptiness is eating away

The best of yours truly;

Someone please

Spare your



Bring me back to life

With your calming

Touch and Kindness.


This Year’s Last Fall

Away from home,

This Year

Ahead of time,

I caught a glimpse

Of the Red and Yellow



So that upon

My return,

She had not yet



Knowing that She

Eventually would come,

I ceased to anticipate,

For I had seen it all.



She never appeared

Back in town,

As when She took me

By surprise,

I didn’t recognize Her

At all.


She would make Her stay,

Just like the year before,

But She was not

What I saw