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Is it really true---what they say,

“One life ends, Another one begins.”

If so, is it the best one could wish for?

We live in a strange reality, one in which the best lessons are taught with loss and death. We survive the perished, and live our days breathing leftover air.

We go to different places, make new bonds, start and restart new lives---each a second chance, all to one way or another, make up for what we could not rescue in the first place.

"We'll do it Better this time."

It's not so sad as it is bittersweet, like the passing and rebirthing of seasons.

Carnivores in Love

they Consume and Devour,
with innocent eyes,
Tragically without hindsight.

Ruinous tracks
left behind, yet
they know not
What they do—

Alas, cared for and get by they will,
For those who Love them
love to Live,
to love, and
to Embrace suffer.

Truth and No More

Don’t you know,
Dear one,

There is not
to lie.

Little do you

Or much do you

The Silence

Yet says
Nothing at

About your

No Crime

I know that the night
Brings you down
On your knife,
But it’s all right—

Darling it’s no crime.

Better yourself,
Know that got lost
You shalt,
But it’s all good—

Darling it’s no crime.

                —Hands In the Garden