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Spring Forgives

Spring was late to smile upon us this year—Her sweetness felt shorter than usual, yet it was just as reassuring as the all the eternal Hope that She embodies. We shall take in full Gratitude what Grace, regardless of how ephemeral,  that She has kindly imparted upon all of us—whether we opened our sleeping eyes to See or not.

A Butterfly Effect

in capturing these blossoms gracefully—she does not know it yet, but a step towards abolishing imprisoning motifs—ones that dictated nothing pretty would ever come out of her fingers and palms, had already taken place, carved deep and sturdy into the clockworks of Fate


the same notion can present itself in millions of ways, and we will never cease to be fascinated by it—for all the good reasons in living


                                          to cherish it is our only right

Silent Saviors

even in much direction-less times, there are those who come to aid with their calming whispers

Hidden in Dusk


                                   blossoming quietly in the backstreets

A Study In Pink


short lived gems of early spring; silent and swift they will perish in the inevitable visit of the dousing winds

A Quiet Afternoon

I stood, and waited, in silence--as the nearby youths played--I took deep breaths that drew no sounds. Later that day, I sat and enjoyed a piece of flan. It was a good day.

I stood, and waited, in silence–as the nearby youths played in their spring-time zest–I took deep breaths that drew no sounds. Later that day, I sat and enjoyed a piece of flan. It was a good day. 

Windowsill On which We Live.

 a new life in the same jar

                                              a new life in the same jar

On Receiving Flowers

You were told
To close your eyes,

So you do–
Without suspicion,

In an automatous,
Curious flutter–

A miniature
In your hands.

Fresh, delightful,
And fragile–
Too good
Were they, for
Your more wicked
Self cringed
At their sight–

Exuding a new gleam
In that cold night,
In your hands
A gentle cradle
of Love and Joy;

Some of which
You still
Cannot understand–

Like a sound
Of Redeeming
Amidst a fallen
Of deafened

A dose of sweet medicine,
Leaving you blessed and terrified—
Were you sick
And were you
Only then,

Upon inhaling Innocence
And Scent,
Finally beginning to,

Great Effort,
Wakened from an
Ageless Neglect,

Your Fatal
And become Well
To and for all
Once again?