Particular Moments

More Stars than There are

Tag: acceptance

Carnivores in Love

they Consume and Devour,
with innocent eyes,
Tragically without hindsight.

Ruinous tracks
left behind, yet
they know not
What they do—

Alas, cared for and get by they will,
For those who Love them
love to Live,
to love, and
to Embrace suffer.

A Not Unfaithful Stray

Oh Love,

My summer muse

And blooming desire,

How I have longed

For you,

And placed my

Naked heart


This simmering Sun—

So much so,

That the ruthless

Heat has wrought it



And Hard.


The Wheel of Fortune spins

On and on—


There will be days 

Of Prize collecting

And days when Luck

Is seemingly gone.


But It Goes Like It Goes—

Not much Beef 

In what’s been done. 


So go on and on,

Counting winnings while

Accepting losses—

The Days are very bound.